Fellow designers I need your help!

As I mentioned in my previous posts I started to investigate this epiphany topic. At this point I would love to hear from you fellow blogers/designers How do you come up with your designs?How do your ideas/epiphanies get generated?
Because creativity = mystery I would like to investigate the illumination stage the exact time when an idea pops. So in order to do that I need your help fellow bloggers I want to know if there`s a pattern,if so can it be simulated?Reversed?


Epiphanies & Designers

I wonder how does a designer come up with the perfect idea. I personally cant explain it, it just hits me. If I have to design a logo I just get an imagine in my mind – while reading the brief. It is a fussy, foggy imagine. It becomes clear only after I have a pen in my hand and I start sketching. What is actually very interesting is that when I finish drawing I never remember to compare the end result with the initial foggy image.Why is that?

Epiphany! Strike me!

Someone told me once that “Impossible is not a fact, is an opinion” I remember thinking about this phrase and , to some extent, judge it – mostly because of my critical and sceptical nature. I generally dismiss this kind of philosophical sayings, or as I call them “too deep thoughts” because I feel they over complicate life. Despite all that, NOW, I find myself wishing that the saying is true.You see I am waiting and waiting, for an epiphany to strike me, preferably sooner  than later. At this point it feels impossible, but if the saying is true then this is just my opinion therefore I might be wrong.
Ironically, while waiting for this, I started thinking about this epiphany issue and I must admit the more I think about the more I become more intrigued. Weirdly enough I found myself associating epiphanies with child birth. I have no idea how did I end up there and what was my exact train of thoughts but it had to do with the word “induction”. NOW, wouldn `t be great if there could be a way to induce epiphanies , just like childbirth ( if the baby refuses to come) ?
Well, my world would be A LOT more easier !

So I set up this blog to investigate, to find out more about this fascinating topic
How does it work?When does it happen?Why?What triggers it?

I decided to help myself, this way my waiting  stage is not completely unproductive or at least it feel like that

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